RES ONE Identity Director v10: What’s New

RES just released the newest version of Project Orchestra/Orchestration Pack for Wisdom/Service Orchestration Module for Automation Manager/IT Store/Service Store: RES ONE Identity Director v10! With this version, RES abandons their year-of-release-based versioning of products. Most important changes for me are the brand new GUI, integration with RES ONE Reporting and the introduction of Cascading Lists.


With the introduction of v10 of RES ONE Identity Director, RES also decided to completely redesign the user portal of RES ONE Service Store. Where the former User Portal was light, Windows 8.1 Tiles oriented, but not v10! V10 out-of-the-box is dark… real dark…

It’s possible to adjust the theme a little so you can add a personal touch to it, but personally I think it’ll take some time to get used to the new theme…
The security of the portals (Web Portal, Management Portal and Mobile Gateway) has been enhanced. When you install these web applications, they are now secured with SSL by default, using the HTTPS protocol and port 443. It is possible to install the portals using a self-signed certificate (RES Non-Production Self-Signed Certificate) which requires PowerShell version 4.0 or higher.

RES Reporting

Just like the other v10 products, RES ONE Identity Director supports integration with RES Reporting. In the Management Portal, you can now generate reports that allow you to analyze performance and activity of the services in your RES ONE Identity Director environment. This includes information on approval behavior, delivered and returned services, and workflow execution.

Cascading Selection Lists

While it was already introduced/sneaked in (as Dave Bryant put it) in revision 2 of RES ONE Service Store 2016 FR1 (, it’s generally announced with the release of v10: Cascading Selection Lists. This very nifty feature makes it possible to present a cascading select list to the user, based on the tree-structure of an organization. This makes it possible to dynamically pre-fill a drop-down list, based on a chosen attribute on the same “Provide Information”-page.

This really rocks! I used it recently on a project where the location of a new user should be picked from the Locations-organization structure, and this feature really made that easy to implement.

Service Versioning

Just like with RES ONE Automation, it is now possible to enable Service Versioning to track all changes made in a service. It’s possible to make comments mandatory, optional or disabled, but my advise would always be to make comments mandatory. This way it’s very easy to keep track of all changes made. In a future release of ROID, it will be possible to do rollbacks, but no word on when this will be released.


Updated Architecture Diagram

Possibility to re-use Global E-mail settings in Send Message tasks

This feature speaks for itself. A little checkbox that saves us all a lot of time when configuring Send Message tasks!

Further Enhancements

  • Ability to manipulate People Identifiers
  • Function for Current Date
  • Description Placeholders
  • Password Reset Redirect URL
  • Person Table Attribute improvements
  • RES ONE Automation integration

More stunning details regarding the release of RES ONE Identity Director v10, will be posted by RES on their RES Technical Blog.

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