RES ONE Automation v10: What’s New

RES just released the newest version of RES ONE Automation: v10! With this version RES abandons their year-of-release-based versioning of products. Most important changes are an all new Automation Agent: Agent+, the partial move to a webbased Management Portal and the integration with RES ONE Reporting.

Highlighted Features

New RES ONE Automation Agent: Agent+

RES ONE Automation introduces a new Agent that has been developed using the latest Microsoft tools. This has enhanced the current Agents with the following capabilities:

  • Improved scalability
  • Native 64-bit and 32-bit installer to maximize the hardware and operating systems possibilities
  • Use of push communication to proactively notify changes to the Agent+
  • The Agent+ logs events in the Event log, which can be viewed with e.g. the Windows Event Viewer
  • New port 3162 is used for “Push notifications”:
    • Bi-directional communication between server and client
    • Servers can push content to connected clients instantly as it becomes available
  • ‘Exchange Mailbox’ tasks are only supported for Microsoft Exchange Servers 2010 and 2013. Exchange 2003 or 2007 tasks can only be run by the legacy cliënt.


Please make sure to meet the following minimum requirements before installing the Agent+:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher (Full version) on the machine.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and higher.
  • Not supported for the Agent+: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and Microsoft Windows 2008 Server.

RES ONE Automation Management Portal

Like with RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Automation made some parts of the native Windows console available through the webbased Management Console. With this console you will be able to:

  • manage your Jobs
  • set up a connection to an existing Datastore
  • get a quick summary of the state of your environment with the Dashboard
  • access the new Web API using the Swagger UI framework

RES ONE Automation Reporting

Just like with RES ONE Workspace, it’s possible to integrate RES ONE Automation with the new Reporting component. This makes it possible to get better insights into (for instance) the “10 Most Active Jobs in the last 14 Days”

v10 API

In version 10 RES also introduces a new API:

  • Based on RESTful, easy to use, well documented and with handy examples
  • Also it continues to evolve as RES builds at the new Management Portal



Some great enhancements to RES ONE Automation v10 are:

  • My personal favorite:
    Extended User Properties in Advanced Category: EmployeeID, Manager (DN)
    Because of the absence of these properties in my past IT Store/Service Store projects, I had to solve it with a PowerShell-script. No more!
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 & Microsoft Windows Server 2016 support
  • Option to enable SSL for “WebAPI state
  • RES ONE Identity Director integration
  • Support for parameters and variables in operand when using “File/Folder Operations“
  • Support for TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2 Protocol Encryption between Datastore and other components
  • New option: “Automatic (Delayed)” startup type of Services

More stunning details regarding the release of RES ONE Automation v10, will be posted by RES on their RES Technical Blog.

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