New RES ONE 2016 Exams: certification information & preparation resources list

RES ONE 2016 Exams


RES recently announced new 2016 exams for all products:

  • ROAX2016: RES ONE Automation 2016 Exam
  • ROSSX2016: RES ONE Service Store 2016 Exam
  • ROWX2016: RES ONE Workspace 2016 Exam

Overview of certifications:

  • RACP2016: RES ONE Automation 2016 Certified Professional (successor of RAMCP2014)
  • RSCP2016: RES ONE Service Store 2016 Certified Professional (successor of RITSCP2014)
  • RWCP2016: RES ONE Workspace 2016 Certified Professional (successor of RWMCP2012)
  • RCT: RES Certified Trainer
  • RES Sales Champ 2016: Granted by succesfully completing RST-700 (successor of RES Sales Champ 2015 and exam RST-600)


RES also mentions some *new* combined certifications on their RES Training Page:

  • RCCRES Certified Consultant (More info t.b.a.)
  • RCERES Certified Expert (You achieve this certification if you pass the most recent RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Automation and RES ONE Service Store exams)
  • RCARES Certified Architect (This certification is the highest RES certification achievable. You achieve this certification if you are a RES Certified Expert (RCE) and do an on-demand online assessment.)

Exam Preparation Resources

Since it’s always nice to have an overview of how to start preparing yourself for RES ONE exams. I’ll try to create some resource list I used while preparing myself for my RES ONE Workspace, RES ONE Automation and RES ONE Service Store exams. All links require you to be logged in at the RES Success Center, except the ones listed under ‘Publicly accessible’ 🙂

RES ONEsuite

RES ONE Workspace

RES ONE Automation

RES ONE Service Store

RES VDX 2016

RES Sales Training

Publicly accessible

In my personal opinion it’s best to build your own lab environment at home and play, play, play with this great technology! The Self Study Kit is a great help building your own RES lab environment and after studying the Administration Guides, following all the online trainings, you should be ready and prepared to get (re)certified.

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