RES FOCUS 2016: Today’s RES and Beyond

During RES FOCUS 2016 there was a plenary session presented by Bob Janssen (CTO & Founder) and Stacy Leidwinger (VP of Products) containing product announcements and some peeking into the near future of RES products. They explained why RES is all about innovation and striving for predictive IT and a way of pursuing this, was explained by this slide:

enable it to enable business

After proving the added value of this vision by showing some successful customer cases, it was time to look into the present and future of RES. First it was time to show what already had been accomplished this year:

2016 Has Already Been A Big Year

On the 19th of May this year, RES ONE Workspace 2015 SR2 was released. Great stuff like the long awaited “Bypass composer for security groups” was released in this version.


Just 2 days before the ROW release, RES ONE Automation 2015 SR3 (rev1) was released. It contained for instance the fix for dispatchers not being able to communicate with ROA agents, since some Windows .NET Update broke this.


And the latest and greatest release was of RES ONE Service Store 2016, released on the 8th of June. It contains great new features like ‘File upload’ functions, delivering services based on attribute changes, message markup and much more.


Looking into the future of RES products, the following slide shows what’s in store for us the next half year of 2016. To be very clear: these dates are not fixed and no guarantee. These slides also weren’t distributed in the slide deck (send by RES to every FOCUS 2016 visitor) since they’re just a quick peek into the near future. Nevertheless, some great stuff is awaiting us:

  • RES ONE Workspace 2016July 2016
  • RES ONE Suite 2016August 2016
  • RES ONE Automation 2016 Tech Preview 1 (Multi-threading)August 2016
  • RES ONE Service Store 2016 FR1Q4 2016
  • RES ONE Suite AnalyticsQ1 2017

Looking ahead for 2H 2016

To conclude the session, the Focus for 2017 was presented. RES is implementing a lot of reporting capabilities in their products to be used for analytics. The only way to predict User Needs, is to harvest data and use this data in a smart way to enable users with IT, without the need for them to ask for it. Also the consoles of the RES products all will be ported to web consoles. Personally I really like what they did with the RES ONE Service Store web console, so no worries about Admin Experience here 🙂

Focus for 2017

During the break-out sessions more details of product updates and features were presented. Details can be found in these 3 posts:

Like with all the other Product Release announcements done at RES FOCUS 2016, none of them can be guaranteed and are therefore no rights can be derived from this information.

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