RES FOCUS 2016: RES ONE Workspace Roadmap

Most news on the future of RES ONE Workspace was presented after the coffee break of 15:00 when Martin Lako (Product Manager Workspace) took the main stage, to present the Product Roadmap Workspace Deep Dive.

He illustrated the Focus Areas for RES ONE Workspace in 2016. Much attention went to the reporting capabilities that’s coming, like with all other RES products.

2016 RES ONE Workspace Focus Areas

The next slide shows a Release Plan of RES ONE Workspace for the next year. Great stuff like RES ONE Workspace 2016, first parts ported to the web console, support for the RES License Server and Windows Server 2016 Support are coming, somewhere the next year.

2016 RES ONE Workspace Release Plan

One of the most technical interesting slides of the presentation was a Peek into the RES ONE Workspace Future. Please be aware these features are NO guarantees, just focus points for Martin Lako his team:

Peek into the RES ONE Workspace Future

The 16 topics summed up in the above slide contain some of my personal favorite Feature Requests of RES ONE Workspace:

  • Reporting Enhancements: what applications are used often/rarely
  • Console to web: loving the ROSS Console, I can’t wait for the other consoles to become web-based
  • License server: certainly welcome for multi-tenant environments!
  • Configuration Versioning & Rollback: rolling back changes from the Audit Trail, would have saved quite some database restores in the past
  • Deploying agent from console: deploying (and upgrading) the ROW agent from the console (like the auto upgrade mechanism of ROA) is very welcome

Can’t wait for them to become available!


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