RES FOCUS 2016: RES ONE Service Store Roadmap

Second part of the  Grant Tiller (Principal Product Manager Automation) and Dave Bryant (Product Director RES ONE Service Store) show, was dedicated to RES ONE Service Store Roadmap.

First up was the 2016 version of RES ONE Service Store, released just one day before RES FOCUS 2016 took place:


Greatest features introduced in the 2016 release are, in my humble opinion:

  • Single Service Multiple Subscriptions: requesting a service multiple times, although the workflow isn’t completed yet. Comes in handy with onboarding new users!
  • Message Markup: presenting a neatly designed layout in the e-mail notification sent to actors. Too bad Service Attribute values can’t be integrated with hyperlinks, but I will post a User Voice for this 🙂
  • File Share support for File Upload: uploading files (like copies of passport, driver’s license, etc.) for sharing with other Service Store users.

Planned for Feature Request 1 (Q4 of 2016, according to RES FOCUS 2016: Today’s RES and Beyond) is:

2016 FR1

Version X will be released somewhere in 2017. Focus for this version is the use of versioning including rollback and an updated User Portal.

Version X

Like with all the other Product Release announcements done at RES FOCUS 2016, none of them can be guaranteed and are therefore no rights can be derived from this information.

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